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ok so at first ꀤ didn't believe my eyes when ꀤ saw that Artemis fowl was FINALLY being given a movie. ꀤ was also terrified for reasons that should be heavily considered for reasons that benefit YOU too.

Ok soo look. Disney. its great and all that you are making the movies, BUT. YOU CANT JUST MAKE IT INTO A DIFFERENT STORY!

T-T ok so ꀤ know and are very much aware that you have the right to technically do whatever you want with your movie but still, what good is there in getting fans of an INCREDIBLE book series if you are going to just change SIGNIFICANT things in it. what I'm trying to say is this. think. we have INCREDIBLE technology in this era.

we can make VIDEO GAMES that look like REAL LIFE! srsly our cgi graphics are phenomenally adept. PLUS if you used this for making movies you could do ANYTHING you wanted in it and it would look ridiculously REAL, AND you wouldn't even really have to make new characters since ꀤ can literally google Artemis fowl and get accurate drawings and fan art of him that MATCH his appearance AND More often that not actually look like how ꀤ see him in my minds eye as well as how COUNTLESS others see him. srsly you could do ANYTHING WITH THIS TECHNOLOGY.

but back to the point. Artemis Fowl is a 12 boy genius who is cunning and powerful. the actor you chose for him looks like he's about to run of to play with legos.

what I'm saying is that if you are going to make a good movie that will sell MILLIONS IF NOT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS then you could at LEAST TRY to follow the book to the best of your ability (as you seem to show with your POORLY made version of say eragon, Percy Jackson EVEN THE LAST JEDI MADE NO SENSE and looked like it was made so you could make and sell more toys, JUST for a few examples) that you can't handle to spend a LITTLE extra money to make it actually well made but nooOOO you HAVE to make it as cheaply as possible JUST so you could make more money. if you where to instead make your movies like PIXAR or Peter Jackson do you would make not only better made movies that actually are well established stories with accurate details BUT they would sell MORE and more fans will want more products of the movies after math.

Reason of review: firstly where do ꀤ go about movies still being made since ꀤ haven't been able to find anywhere about that.

Preferred solution: please read what ꀤ have to say, if ꀤ somehow was rude than ꀤ apologize and if I'm sending to the wrong section (which ꀤ most likely are) then PLEASE either tell me where to go, or forward it there for me and may God send this down the right path PLEASEGod.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your insights. I will be sure to forward this along. Priscilla, Member Advocate, Disney Movie Club

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