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I had an account with DMC and everything was automatically billed to my credit card.

I actually wanted all the movies and didn't send them back.

I thought all along I was paying for them. All of a sudden my account was closed, I couldn't log in, and I got a bill in the mail for $119 that was past due. I was never explained to why this happened. I got a second letter saying they were going to send it to collections, so I called and paid over the phone.

A month or so later, I got another letter saying I still owed the money. I called back and they said that the reason I got another letter is because after I called and paid over the phone, a lady called and complained that she never authorized the charge on her credit card. Who is that woman and how did you guys screw up so badly that you charged someone else when I gave you the correct info on the phone and my debit card number? How does a payment even go through when you don't have the correct exp date, name on card, security code, etc?

So now you are saying I'm still owing the money! I thought I had paid it a long time ago!

They never accepted their fault and I still have no answers! I do not want to pay this when I thought it came out of my account a long time ago!

Review about: Disney Movie Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Look, sport. You are supposed to check and verify your credit card statements each month.

If you did not, then you are responsible.

Pay up. Now.

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