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Hello i am having trouble canceling my membership.i dont want to pay the 5 movies because i have 2 accounts so i can not pay the dvds i cancel them but they just send them out.and i just want to have peace im not trying to worry about this.i dont have money to pay for this and i did not agree to said nothing about this in the terms or can i cancel this without having to pay for 5 movies for 2 accounts i dont have money and did not know or was told that i would have to do all its stressful right now because i didnt agree to this

Review about: Disney Movie Club Membership.

Reason of review: Cant Cancel Membership.

Preferred solution: TO Cancel My membership.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #902487

Audio is thumbs down you can't hear anything


You opened two accounts, and somehow DIDN'T know about your purchase committment? Every flyer, every add, every offer states such, and your sign-up sheet?

All the details right there. It's not their fault if you won't read.

Spiceland, Indiana, United States #884307

I would like to cancel my membership. I lost my job and I can't afford this!


It does say right in the terms and conditions that if you get the movies for 1.99 or in some cases (.99) you are going into a contract for 5 more movies at a discounted price. which you have 12-32 months to fulfill.

You do not have to pay each month. If you cancel early you have to fulfill the price quota. It is all in the terms of service. Why you would need two Disney movie club accounts is beyond me as well as can get you in trouble with them.

It is also against their terms of service. You can try to talk to them about canceling one account and continue forward with the other. But you are really in a tough pickle.

Be prepared to have to pay for the movies you got at a discounted price on the second account. That is the only way I see this coming out on the bright side.

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