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I use tapjoy. This is a third party advertiser.

They gave an offer of 63k coins (on another game I play) if I signed up for your promotion. The promotion was three movies, for $1.99 each. This included membership..which I am still a Disney Movie Club Member. I have already received movies from your company..specifically because of completion of this offer.

However, I have not received my coins. When I contacted Tapjoy regarding this error, they asked me to verify membership. I sent them numerous screenshots, including my disney movie club member id and email ( That being said, they emailed me back saying they had to verify with your company.

'Please wait, 3-5 days for a normal reaponse'. I waited. They replied this morning, saying your company could not find me, based on either my email or member ID. Off the top of my head, I don't know what my member ID is, but I just gave you my email.

My address is: 3513 E. 51St APT 22 Kansas City, MO 64130. My full name is Jennifer Monahan. I'm pretty sure somebody from your company can verify that I am a member of the movie club, and through what third party I became a member.

I have 2 small children who can't wait til we pick out Disney Christmas movies next. I would very much appreciate hearing something back (perhaps something I can forward to verify) within the next few days, however since it's the weekend, perhaps by Wednesday.

This is a matter I have already waited months for, and would like to continue without further hiccups. Thank you for your haste reply and consideration in this matter.


Jennifer Monahan

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