I have ask numerous times to cancel my membership but you are still sending movies. PLEASE CANCEL MEMBERSHIP FOR LEAH POWELL - RALEIGH NC I have called, written cancel membership on the return card numerous times with no results.

My next step is to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. After reading the complaints against DMC I think you need new employees that will do their job. From what I read it doesn't sound like you care anything about customer service.

Do you not have people researching these complaints? You need to clean house and start over now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disney Movie Club Membership.

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Just cancel your bank account open a new one haha I canceled and froze my cards so it always declined their charge


If you joined and got the free movies you are under contract to purchase a certain number of movies at full price over the next few years. It is no different than Columbia House back in the day.

You got free movies didn't you?, now you have to buy the agreed amount of movies when you have honored that agreement they will cancel you membership otherwise you have committed theft by refusing to purchase the future movies at full price. It's not them it's you!

Iowa City, Iowa, United States #638707
:( :( Getting really *** irritated by what they are doing!!! STOP SENDING ME THEM *** MOVIES AND CHARGING ME FUCKTARDS

I just ordered one time from Disney movie club then they started spamming me with movies I did not want charged me for them that I did not buy 😡


please stop sending me movies because i never asked to be a member, i am not interested to watch cartoon or othe movies. i just received a package of two dvd 1-dumbo 2- winnie pooh.i am going to return back and do not ever send me any more because i am leaving usa for ever.


Thank you for letting me know Leah,

I have canceled your account per your request. If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me directly at 800-459-7002. Thank you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

to DMC Member Advocate #768003

I want you to cancel my membership. I don't want this anymore. Get if off please.


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