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I asked Disney not to send me anymore movies and not to take out of my bank account I had lost the baby and don't feel like having Disney movies around please understand stop them now

Product or Service Mentioned: Disney Movie Club Customer Care.

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Very sorry for your loss ; I too have experienced the loss of an unborn child and understand your pain. Don't "ask" Disney, demand it.

Demand it in writing and serve via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Instruct your financial institution or credit card to decline further charges from this vendor. They will be happy to not pay somebody. I'm not familiar with anything Disney related ; did they commit you to a certain time period or movie count obligation ?

If not, in the immortal words of Porky the Pig (Warner Brothers) - "Pppppppppith off Dithney" . Best of luck to you in the future - may you have the family who would benefit from your kindness.

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