Survey scam thought 4 purchases were $1 each... charged $33.34 instead.

Was directed to this third-party site buy swagbucks.com; I'm convinced they are a scam too. Called immediately the next day as i saw the charge on my billing statement from DIS*DISNEY MOVIE CLUB. At least you didn't try to hide who it was that charged me for $33.34 so props for that; however called literally next day and they said they cannot refund because it's being ready to be shipped... Couldn't you guys just take it off the shipping cart??

and write 'Canceled Order' or something like that.

Now service representative said its going to take 2-3 months for my full refund and that's after I ship back the 4 Disney movies (that i have to pay for) Also i don't know how many times i was told each movie is a dollar and then you qualify for a reward from swagbucks.com, but apparently i read the terms and conditions wrong. Boo you guys stink

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Swagbucks is def no scam. Obvisously you took he blame for not reading the terms correctly so its neither DMC or swagbucks fault so why blame them?


I've been in the DMC for a couple of years now, and have never heard of "swagbucks". They are not a part of the DMC service, and not affiliated with the DMC.

My movies were 99 cents each with free shipping. No problems at all.

Sounds like you signed up through a third-party link.


You're admitting you read the terms and conditions wrong, yet blaming Disney and Swagbucks. ???

Because they didn't spell it out well enough? I've done a few"trial" offers and learned the hard way myself to read the fine print, more than once, even read it out loud to yourself or someone else. I said the hard way because I understand your frustration on stopping the order and getting your money back. That's why we have to tread so carefully and get it right the first time.

They take your money in an instant but for some reasons it takes weeks, months or for never to get your money back. Some hokey company made $139 off me for one those auto-ship items they didn't even disclose that part. I called, was told to return item, and would have a check in 3 weeks. That was years ago, still waiting.

The phone they had just rang and rang. Emails went unanswered. I only skimmed over the Disney fine print and kept on going. !st read fine print.

2nd- look for reviews, and not on the company website. Look for reviews from real people! I look on Amazon, and consumer sites like this one. I'm always needing search topics for Swagbucks and other sites so looking for reviews gives me one more.

Speaking of, why do you say Swagbucks is a scam? For running this offer? Because I've seen this offer on many sites. I've never had an issue with Swagbucks.

I'm not a top earner but I do ok and always get my earnings. Questions, issues, missing credits? When I have a problem I first check what I may have missed, then FAQ's, and when all else fails contact Swagbucks. In my case, all have been dealt with quickly and fairly.

I think you may have just been angry and a little hasty calling Swagbucks a scam though. They've been around quite awhile and too many happy members to be a scam.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1021162

Mommy or daddy should read the big words for . She should have asked their permission before purchasing.

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