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Disney has a rude, inaccurate, manipulative, unfriendly, ill-trained, aggressive night time call center; they make it difficult to submit complaints and ignore the complaints; and they hard sell you packages and omit to inform you that key element(s) arent available nor do they provide substitution. When I requested to speak with a supervisor on two occassions the representative convenient dropped the call.

They promise someone will contact you when you finally figure out how to make a complaint but fail to do it within the 10days or in my case, at all.

Be wary travelers - reality doesnt live up to the "dream".

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I regret this unfortunate experience you had with us! This is not the level of customer service we demand. Please feel free to contact me directly so I may further assist you. My direct email is memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com and phone number is 800-459-7002. I look forward to resolving any concerns you may have!


Member Advocate

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