The Disney Movie Company is a mess and Disney should be ashamed that they bear the name Disney.

They send selections you didn't order, bill you for selections you never receive. I have tried to get a customer service rep to help straighten out the mess, but every time I call the recorded message says my account doesn't exist, yet my bills keep coming.

I have written a letter and received no response. Disney has always prided themselves on customer service - they have failed miserably with the Disney Movie Company.

The Better Business Bureau ought to investigate them.

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I want to cancel my member ship. i did it a few months ago and your still sending me movies. Stop or I'll have to take legal action ty

edward welch

my wife and i have had the same problem with them if we can find others we may be able to file a class action which was designed for situations like these.


try the federal trade commission :upset :zzz :upset :zzz :upset :zzz :p

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