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I signed up for this club around Christmas time to save money on movies I needed to buy as gifts. I definitely saved money initially, but now I'm locked in to a contract and being forced to buy 5 movies at a minimum of $19.99 each.

This wouldn't be a problem except that for the past few months the only movies over that price are "featured titles" which are offered every few weeks. I have stalked the website in an effort to fulfill my commitment, but they have literally marked everything down to nearly $10. My only option is to accept their "featured title" offers that have been movies I would not normally spend a cent on.

Also, perhaps most infuriating, I just ordered a featured title DVD for $21.99.

After I submitted my order, I see on the website that the DVD is being offered for only $9.99.

SUCH A RIP OFF!!!! Stay away from this movie's just not worth it!

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we had ordred the movies online with our credit card. they forgot to put in our apartment number and typed in a wrong mailing address.

we waited 2 months, and still no movies. to top it off, they charged 2 additional movies to our account without us even knowing.

we finally had them close our account after they reimburst us the money, but they are claiming they reinburst us twice, when its showing up on on statements it was only once. shame on u guys for bad buisness.hope someone shuts u down one day!!!!



The Disney Movie Club does not currently have an option to cancel via our website. If I can help you resolve your account, please feel free to contact me directly at 800-459-7002. I look forward to assisting you further. Thank you,


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


The initial deal was pretty good. Get several movies free and pay a certain amount for shipping.

Over the next two years you have to buy at least 5 movies at 19.99. I did that. I received another movie club mailing and tossed it not realizing I still had to decline movies so as not to receive them. I received another mailing at the beginning of the week and declined the offer.

Being cautious I tried to cancel my account online. After 20 minutes of searching I could not find a way to do so. I couldn't even find a contact phone number on the site. This morning I find a charge for approximately 30.00 taken out of my checking account.

It caused me to have a negative balance. I called my bank and they said they have been having problems with Disney in this matter and that it is getting to be a large concern, almost to the point of calling customers to make sure the charge is valid. I will call Disney on Monday (since they are closed for the weekend).

Hopefully I will be able to cancel the order that it shows is processing and to cancel the account at the same time. DO NOT join this club!!!!


Pricilla you will not return emails or calls even your DMC advocate is a scam. My orders where sent on the FirstnI've still yet to get them!

You sent me totaly wrong iformation. Why wiull you not respond to us


Donna - Thank you for making me take time out of my day to log in and remove the email notification option (which alerts me every time someone like you responds to my complaint for no apparent reason). Your response was useless.

Perhaps you should start a blog instead of trolling websites looking for a reason to type 'lol'. :roll


That isn't the issue it is the fact that you are having these deals and we get stuck paying 19.95 or more for the same movie that we can get for 9.95 it is messed up because we can get these movies cheaper at Wal-mart!


Dear confused; I am a club member, when you see the movies being offered at 9.99 it is because you have to buy a full price movie 19.95 or above., then you can get a second movie at(1/2 price) yes they do offer older movies at a 9.99 price. They are new movies "the feature title" so eventually you should find something you like.

ANY home movie/cd/ book club will have certain commement guidelines it is YOUR responsibility to read the fine print!! Not complain because YOU chose to neglect reading. You should have 2 or 3 years to complete the buys, more then enough time!! Go figure they want you to buy movies..

In the movie club YOU joined.. Lol



I am sorry you feel that way, but let me assure you I do work for Disney Movie Club and my job as the Member Advocate is to help and answer any questions people may have.



"Priscilla" aka DMCMemberAdvocate is a bigger fraud than the club itself. They do not work for Disney and is more than likely simply someone with way too much time on their hands.



I regret you are having a difficult time with your Disney Movie Club Membership. I can help you with this! To purchase full priced movies on our website, you should click on the "Other Offers" link at the top right of the screen. There is an option "NO OFFER USED" that will allow you to order movies without taking advantage of your current discount. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or 800-459-7002.

Have a magical day!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

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