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I joined the club and have had nothing but a nightmare from the outset.

First off I didn't get the initial movies until 7 months after I signed up and paid. Joined January 2010 and got my first order in August 2010!

I have not received regular emails nor postal packages and as a result on numerous occasions I have been sent videos I have not ordered.

I have called in been told that I would not receive something yet magically it appears on my credit card and shows up 2-5 weeks later. I then have to spend time to dispute it with Disney to get it sorted out

It takes months to get credited back.

Initially I was being credited right off and sent a return label, and told to return it. Which while a pain in the neck was acceptable.

Now it has been a case of too bad and send it back and we will credit you when we feel like it

Today your employee told me if I wanted to return things I had to pay to return them for stuff I never ordered. How outrageous is that!

Twice in the last two weeks I have been charged for videos I did not order

4/25/11 - TRON

5/09/11 - Secretariat

I have repeatedly not received mailing in time to not receive things and Disney employees are determined to fob off my concerns and to say too bad. They say complain to the post office, its my fault its anybody but their organization

I have made it clear I DO NOT want to receive anything except that which I order. I have been told that its not possible to opt out.

I have also asked twice to have my credit card removed so that you cannot just *** nilly ship me things I don't want. I am more than happy to pay by credit card for those items I have ordered.

I have to wait for things to be delivered so I can return them, and then on top of it I am now being told I have to pay to return things I didn't order!

I have been told twice that my credit card has been removed yet twice I have had it charged to my account notwithstanding that

Today I requested that yet again, I do not believe that they have removed my credit card from your files

Today I called in to make sure that I would not be sent this Chiuahua movie, your automated system wouldn't let me say no and I spoke to a person who assured me I will not receive it. Again I do not believe that it will not turn up and I will not be charged for it

I find their employees are not helpful, dont really care about issues and try to blame everyone else - the customer, the post office, the man on the moon.

This firm needs to take some initiative to correct these issues

I already left you a voicemail for their advocate but I am not holding my breath either.

Review about: Disney Movie Club Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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My name is Priscilla, I am the Member Advocate and I work for the Disney Movie Club. I encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact me directly at 800-459-7002 or email me at I am here to help!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


DMCMemberAdvocate is a lie! This person DOES NOT work for DMC. Ignore this fool!



I sincerely regret the bad experience you are having with the Disney Movie Club. That is not the level of customer service we demand. Please contact me directly so I can assist you personally. Please email me details to or give me a call at 800-459-7002.

I look forward to hearing from you to resolve all of your Disney Movie Club concerns!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

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