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I was a loyal DMC member for years. I bought the requirements and got tons of great deals on movies. Then they royally screwed up about a year ago and *refuse* to fix it. I have spoken to 3 or more "cast members" who said that it would all be credited and everything was fine, but they have had me at an outstanding balance for over a year.

I bought the monthly special, Princess and the Frog. The "add on" special was another Princess DVD. They sent both, but they sent Princess and the Frog in DVD instead of Blu-ray, which was my preferred format. So I sent back the DVD, kept the 2nd princess DVD, and requested an exchange of a Blu-Ray. Well, they credited my account for a random $13.00 instead of sending me the Blu-Ray or crediting me for the full DVD price ($21.95).

I have written multiple letters and spoken with several "cast members" to no avail. They refuse to credit the outstanding $8.95 balance, even though they *incorrectly* credited that random $13.00 to start with. I didn't even request a return credit, I requested a blu-ray movie. I never got that either.

Now they have sent my account to collections over *their* mistake and over a measly $9. Seriously? And no one over there is apparently intelligent enough to make sense of the situation and do the math to add it up. The customer service "cast members" are nice enough but they know squat and can't actually help.

I won't buy from them again, but in an attempt to keep them from trashing my credit score, I sent them a *** check for $8.95. I sent a letter requesting they credit my account and return the check uncashed, since they screwed it all up. They haven't cashed the check, they haven't sent it back, they haven't credited my account and they haven't withdrawn the collection request. It has been months.

The math isn't that hard. I paid $21.95 and returned your *** movie. You credited me $13.00. I do _not_ owe you another $8.95! GRRRR. It's not difficult, people.

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Thank you for emailing with me so we can resolve this for you!




Please contact me, I can help fix this for you but I need further information to identify your account. My email is I look forward to hearing from you and getting this resolved. Thank you!


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