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I recently subscribed to the well known Disney Movie Club. I am very fond of Disney and Disney films. I joined for the savings and the convenience... I was very satisfied with my first purchase. The 5 DVD's for $1.99 plus one for half off and one at full price. I ordered them on a Monday and received them the following Monday. I was thrilled. After that everything went down hill. Disney Movie Club then began to automatically send me random DVD's they were featuring. Don't get that confused with the actual Feature Title they send you once a month that you can choose to ignore. I have ignored every Feature Title and yet they continue to send these other random titles that I do not want. Not only that, but they send me blu ray and diamond addition. Yep, the most expensive DVD pack they have! I'm not even subscribed to the Blu Ray additions!

Now when they send me DVD's it takes up to three weeks before I receive them, and for the DVD's they send that I DIDN'T order it takes three weeks before I get them too and am able to send them back, which takes who knows how long, and also I'm going on week FOUR of not receiving a refund from the FIRST DVD they send that I didn't want.

If you are wanting to join the DMC, I suggest NOT TO! Order the movies from Amazon or drive yourself to the local department store. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and stress. Plus, if you ask me the only savings you get are from the initial start up DVD's!

Disney Movie Club is a joke, a rip off, and just another ploy to take your hard earned bucks.

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Please feel free to contact me directly regarding the Disney Movie Club. I am the Member Advocate for the Club and I can help you resolve any concern you may have, explain everything about the club. My direct email is memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com and phone number is 800-459-7002. I am here to help!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


If you actually read the terms of service you will see that you are required to respond to your feature title. If they do not hear from YOU they consider it a yes and send you the movie.

You should also have received a letter telling you about the title and the date to respond by. As well as an e-mail if you provided your e-mail address. As with any contract you are required to read it before you sign up.

So *** about being charged for a movie is ***. You expect more then 3 chances to say no?


I'm glad to find an honest and educated review after reading through so any that sounded like something my 10 year old typed. I was strongly considering joining the DMC with the thought of the great up front savings and only having to buy a couple more at full price.

But it sounds like it would be in my best interest to just wait until Toys r Us or Target puts the movies I want on sale. Thank you for saving me a lot of aggregation and wasted time on the phone and running to the post office.


Have just been scammed too, wonder if I should call the police


Have just been scammed too, wonder if I should call the police


I am sorry you feel that way. I would be happy to help you with your account. Please email me directly at memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com.

To Explain: The Featured Title program is part of your membership agreement with the Disney Movie Club. Here is how it works: About every 3-4 weeks, up to 15 times a year, we send a Featured Title notification to every member. It is every member’s responsibility to respond to the Featured Title by the date indicated on the notification. You are not obligated to purchase the Featured Title selection. You are welcome to order other selections in its place or nothing at all. However, if a response is not received by the due date, either declining or accepting the Featured Title, it will automatically be shipped and billed to you. If you have a credit card on file to be used as payment, it will be charged on the date of shipment.

Simple ways to respond at your convenience are:

-Call our 24-hour automated phone system at 800-382-4527.

-Visit our web site at www.DisneyMovieClub.com.

-Return your Feature Title card by the due date indicated.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Priscilla, Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

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