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Ok so a couple of months back I've came across the Disney Movie Club and the advertisement sounded great. Get 3 Disney BlueRay movies for I believe it was 2$ each, the chance to get another brand new one for 20$. Ok so you'd have to be a member, membership requires 5 purchased movies. Ok all good so far. I remember that it said, my 4 movies would count toward it "so you only have to purchase one more movie at regular price and you've fullfilled your commitment" is what I remember reading.

Time came, got my movies, checked out what else they got, actually ordered a few more for my daughter. Those ended up NOT counting that's when I realized oh ok they have to be at regular/full price, they can't be price reduced movies. Ok now biggy.

Then I saw that from those 4 movies in the beginning only ONE counted toward my comitment. WTH?

So far, I've gotten a total of 3 movies that they sent to me through their automated comittment shipping service, the movie of the month or whatever it is. And again only ONE counted toward my comitment. They just mailed out another one, for this month I'm asuming, and again, it doesn't count. I just spent half an hour trying to find a contact phone number or email address on their website, but no luck.

I want to get out of this ASAP, there's absolutely no savings on my end if I have to pay about 40$ incl shipping for a movie!!!!!

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Monetary Loss: $200.

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my issue is that i can't EVER find anything on the site that is at REGULAR price....seems like everything is at a discount price.


Wow, yeah, getting military legal involved IS VERY lame. There is no "rip-off" here, the ONLY thing going on is you failed to actually READ any information about the club.

As for them "automatically" sending you movies, well it's right there for you to read in black and white that you are offered a Featured Title every month or so, and you have the choice to decline it or not. It also says if you DO NOT RESPOND, they will automatically send you the movie and the Featured Titles do not count toward your commitment, neither do the reduced price movies.

There are some situations where companies royally screw over their customers and deserve this sort of rant, but not this time. This one is all you.


Well Tris, You think that getting a military legal department involved isn't being a little.... lame?

Seriously, gimme a break... if you dont like the commitment, just crack open your wallet (you yourself said you arent saving, so therefore with blue ray not paying anyMORE either for disney titles than you would at the store) and fulfill YOUR committment and quit whining... if you are Military, and whining about discs...

seriously... maybe you need a reality check!



Without knowing the specifics on your account and being able to help further my feeling is it may be a Featured Title concern. Are you responding to your Featured Titles by the deadline each time? You can always decline them if you do not wish to receive them, but we do need to hear from you by the deadline to avoid us sending titles you do not wish. Please see your Membership Agreement at for full information. If you need further assistance, please contact me directly and I would be happy to help you with this! Thank you!


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:( to resolve my concerns either stop sending me movies that don't count toward the comitment OR just let me out of the comitment! i'm seriously considering getting our military legal dept involved in this, which i'm sure, wouldn't be the first time for DMC!!!



I can help fully explain the Disney Movie Club and the Featured Title process for you if you have questions. Please give me a call directly at 800-459-7002 or email me at I look foward to resolving any of your concerns!


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