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Update by user Mar 28, 2011

Still waiting for that mystery dvd to I said in my original review, Disney says I owe them $60 some odd dollars for 2 dvdʻs.

I have received the no charge return label, it beat that other title that Iʻm suppose to wait for and mail back with Fantasia 2000.

In the mean time Iʻm getting lovely mail from Disney saying that I must have forgotten about my payment and that I needed to pay immediately etc..

Perhaps if the right hand spoke to the left hand there, they would all be clear that I do NOT owe them money and that I AM returning whatever dvdʻs they are sending me, whenever that dang thing arrives...

To Member Advocate Pricilla

If you want to fix something fix this and no I will not call, I donʻt care that it is a direct line or not, Iʻve had nothing but bad experiences with Disneyʻs phone system.

Iʻm sure you should be able to find my information..since Ms Bad Attitude Gabby insisted I give her my zip code and stated that it was part of the identifying procedure. So hereʻs my last name and zip Edwards 96789 and no Arcania is not my first name, hereʻs another another piece of information for \"cross reference\" purposes..Disney says I owe them $64.80

I want to know where the heck that other title is. If you think I should have it by now, since I was invoiced for it, then have it tracked because I sure donʻt have it as of this date (3/28/2011)

Original review posted by user Mar 11, 2011

I joined DCM about a year ago.

Iʻve collected Disney movies since my children were young. I now have a grandson and thought what a great way to start a collection for him.

I responded to a a "feature" about a week later through e-mail. (followed the link etc). My credit card was charged and about 2 weeks later I received the "feature" but still no initial membership order. (something like 4 or 5 dvds for the cost of shipping).

I called DCM which took about 15 minutes to navigate the *** answering system and finally speak to a live person. Spoke to a "cast-member" named Mike. Realized my address was off by a digit when he asked me to look at the mailing label for some information.

Got that corrected and was told that my initial order would be re-mailed. Which I received about 2 weeks later. No problem, Iʻm a happy member.

I fulfilled my membership obligation early. I ordered a few dvds for my grandson and accepted a number of features. I was planning to remain a member since, as I said, I wanted to start a collection for my grandson.

Then I declined a "feature" same way I accepted them prior...through the link in my e-mail. A few weeks later I get another e-mail telling me that my "feature" offer has shipped.

I recheck my e-mail and sure enough I DECLINED it. I call DCM, again having to navigate that irritatingly fake excited, seems to be talking to a 6 year old voice DCM has on their answering system. I finally get a live person, forgot to get his name.

He tells me that it doesnʻt show that I responded to the feature. I tell him I have a confirmation. He askes me what browser Iʻm using, I tell him and he says that the DCM site wonʻt work properly with my browser of choice. I would have to download firefox.

I agree and say that I would just keep the feature since I have a friend that likes the movie and I would give it to him as a gift.

Next 2 features I decline using firefox. Which by the way were about 2 weeks apart. No e-mail confirmation but I get a message pop up at the site both times up saying I have declined the features 2 weeks later I have both features. They arrive about 2 days apart.

I call DCM again. After having to navigate that *** answering system (10 minutes, navigating and finally getting a live body) I spoke with a cast-member named Gary, very frustrating conversation with what seemed to be a canned "Well I donʻt know what happened but there was no decline, in fact there was no response to either and you know that if you donʻt respond by a certain date the items automatically ship". No matter what I told him about responding I got the same reply. Finally I told him I would keep the features but I wanted my account cancelled.

I also cancelled the credit card they had on file. That was about 5 months ago. I received a letter a few months ago (with the wrong address. The address I corrected when I first joined) saying they have my feature ready to ship but I needed to call or go online to update my credit card information before they ship because they were unable to get authorization from my credit card company.

I figured well too bad, I asked for the account to be cancelled and since, according to them, they CANʻT ship without authorization from my credit card company I would do NOTHING about it. I was not going to try and navigate that *** answering system and I was NOT going to talk to another fake pleasant, condescending cast member.

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail, didnʻt recognize the address (well it didnʻt click) and since I was expecting some items I ordered online I opened the package. Lo and behold there was a dvd. Fantasia 2000, which Iʻve owned for a number of years. To add insult to injury there was also a BILL stating I owe 29 and some odd cents.

I called this morning while navigating that *** answering system I find out I owe them 60 some odd dollars. I finally get a cast member by the name of Gabby. I said that i was very upset and have a number of issues.

I tell her in a nut shell how I cancelled my account but now I have an unwanted dvd and a bill and on top of that another dvd on the way. She asks me what title I have. I told her and she started with the "Well I donʻt know what happened but according to our records this account is still active..." I got angry and cut her off telling her I donʻt care what her records show I wanted to know how items where shipped without credit card information, which I cancelled because of DCM and according to their letters they could NOT ship without that information.

Again she started with the "Well I donʻt know what happened but this account is..." I cut her off again. She then got snippy and said Iʻll cancel the account right now and you can return the dvds and that will be it. I lost it then, I asked for her name and the name of her supervisor. She replies very rudely "You want to speak to my supervisor now?" I said yes and she puts me on hold.

I finally get a supervisor (donʻt know if it was really a supervisor) by the name of Annia. By then Iʻm very very angry. I start yelling about how I cancelled my account over 5 months ago and I cancelled my card because of DCM. and how according to them they canʻt ship unless they get authorization from my credit account but here I have one dvd and another on the way and I owe DCM 60 some odd dollars. I was then expected to return the dvds and that NOW my account was cancelled. I told her I was not going to send the dvds back on my money.

She said she would send a pre-paid mailing label, that I should wait for the other dvd and return them both. She then said she sees that Gabby did cancel my account. I told her she needs to tell Gabby to cap that nasty attitude.

Now time will tell if Annia was actually a supervisor and if DCM will FINALLY do as they say and send me the mailing label. According to a lawyer friend of mine, if they donʻt I follow up with an e-mail with dates and such and if they still donʻt do as they say (cancel my account and send the mailing label) I can just keep the dvds and any other they may send as gifts.

My advice, donʻt join DCM itʻs a huge rip off. How convenient, their site supposedly doesnʻt work with anything but firefox but it STILL doesnʻt work if you decline a selection but works just fine if you accept. Also they go on and on both on the phone and in mail that they CANNOT ship without authorization from your credit card company yet to make a sale theyʻll ship and then act like it was all you that screwed up with their "Well I donʻt know what happened..."

This puts a really bad mark on the Disney name. This is the 3rd site Iʻve put this review on, I will make sure all of the mommyʻs from my grandsons play group knows about DCM and all of the grandmothers and mothers I work with knows. I work in tourism in Hawaii so I know customer service is paramount and DCM "cast-members" are sorely lacking in customer service and follow through.

To the DCM member advocates...donʻt bother posting for me to give you a call I am so done with talking to anyone from DCM about this. Especially those that have those "trained and canned" tones of false empathy.

Review about: Disney Movie Club Customer Care.

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The Disney Movie Club Member Advocate is here to assist anyone with questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to call her at 800-459-7002 or send an email to Thank you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


Thanks for all the helpful insight. I will not be ordering from the Disney Movie Club.

I will instead order from Amazon. Thanks :zzz



Please read all the Terms and Conditions and decide for yourself. Everything is available on our website:"

Seems to imply that I did not read all the terms and conditions.....I did and fulfilled all of my obligations to the club AND replied to all of my features..when I declined a feature is when everything went downhill and worse from there.

Ami...Iʻm glad you read my entire original post and decided for yourself...



Please read all the Terms and Conditions and decide for yourself. Everything is available on our website:

If you have questions, I am here to answer them! Just email me at



Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


Wow!! I had their site open on another window ready to join and then I thought let me read some reviews because it sounds too good to be true.

Then I came across this. Thanks for the info!! I am holding off signing up because frankly I do not have time to deal with BS and chasing after a company who is falsely charging/billing me. I also didn't like the fact that they didnt have the classics during sign up !

Hello! Disney for me when I grew up was Cinderella, Snow white, and so forth!.

It's sad that this was too good to be true. :( Back to the store sales!!

Thanks again for the info!!



Something clearly went wrong and this is definitely not the experience we want ANY DMC members to have! I sincerely apologize and thank you for sharing this. I understand that you don’t want to speak with anyone about this, but in case you decide you would like to, my direct number is 800-273-0015. I’ll also make sure your comments regarding the IVR/Answering System are heard.

Again, I’m sorry this happened and will do everything I can to resolve the issue if you do decide to call.

Thank you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


Noticed I typed DCM a number of times in my initial post I meant

To.... actually you can get a live person..not that theyʻre any better, but you have to loop over and over through that sickening, fake, answering system they have in place..if you donʻt have your member number (printed in your invoice) then you are really in for some mad looping and bouncing back and forth. Even with your member number there are a number of "selections" that are repetitive. If you are lucky/unlucky (depends on how you look at it) to get a live "cast member" be ready for false empathy and the canned reply of "Well I donʻt know what happened but..." end result they will still try and make you responsible for anything up until they say they will "fix" the problem.

Also I have a friend that tried the member advocate route..I asked her how it went..she rolled her eyes and said "Member advocate EMPLOYED by the company you need the advocate do you think it went" :upset :upset



I just received a very rude letter from the "beloved" disney movie club, in which I am now canceling my which it is nearly impossible to get any one on the is all run by an automatic computer operator system. :(

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