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Disney Movie Club auto-sent movies I didn't choose because I was on vacation and unable to call their number to decline them. They charged my credit card close to $50.

When I returned, I sent them back unopened w/in a 90 day window. A Supervisor just informed me that anything after 60 days is credited to your account. After spending hundreds of dollars with this club, I let her know I own all the Disney movies I want, and there's nothing they have that I could spend $50 on. I also informed her I was looking at their latest package and no where in the enclosed items does it state unopened items have to be returned w/in 60 days if you expect them to credit back the credit card you never indicated you wanted charged in the first place.

She informed me that information was provided to me in the enrollment package they sent me 3 years ago. 3 years ago???? Come on. When I asked if I could use the credit towards Disney items other than DVDs, music, etc I was told they're a seperate entity from all other departments and basically they've got my money so oh well to me.

And the icing on the cake?

They received the DVDs 3 weeks ago and no correspondence was ever sent to me informing me a credit was issued and they would never credit the amount back to my credit card. Funny how the sales packet I just received today doesn't indicate anywhere on it that I have close to a $50 credit......

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I never give disney club my card information and have them bill me so I can write a check. Then they can never just take money out w/o me knowing it.

to ch #1381679

Well... I hate to bust your bubble but now you have to join with debit/credit card or you can't join!


I contacted the Disney Advocate and she is crediting back my credit card for the return. CALL THEM IF YOU NEED HELP - THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU!!!



Please contact me directly at 800-459-7002 for assistance with your Disney Movie Club account.

Thank you,

Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196249

First of all just admit that this was your fault, you are lazy and did not return the movie before 60 days. You went on vacation but I very much doubt that you went on vacation for two months.

Just because you forgot what you read three years ago does not mean that you should get what you want. Seriously grow up.

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