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Walt Disney should shutdown this division before it totally tarnishes their Brand totally. I am telling everyone I know in Canada and the US about the firms lack of ethics, customer service and club which makes Bernie Madoff look straight

From the day I joined this "Club" I have had nothing but problems with items being sent after being declined but charged to my credit card. Items being billed and never sent. having to call over and over and its next to impossible to actually speak to anyone when you call the toll free number. The entire process is designed to frustrate you so you just give up. If only I had known about this site BEFORE I joined I could have saved myself dozens of hours of time plus higher blood pressure everything I see an email from them

I have complained over and over again. I have bought movies many of which are over the "minimum" number to be counted towards the 4 you must buy when you join up. Yet no matter how many you buy and no matter how much you pay none ever seem to qualify to reduce that 4.

I have compalined to the "member advocate" and they largely ignore the emails you send. They will respond to some but the moment you start questioning why nothing you buy ever goes towards that 4 they never reply.

I had my credit card removed from their site and now they keep emailing me telling me I have to update my profile and give them my credit card. I think not, they constantly charge things to my credit card without me ordering them and I suspect since my 2 years is coming up they simply want to charge hundreds of dollars to my credit card to force me to buy more.

I spoke to my Bank and they said they have had dozens and dozens of complaints against this vendor for the same reason and they blocked my card. They also told me to call the government of Ontario

I spoke to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services this morning about this company. I was told they have received lots of complaints about this organization and was encouraged to fill out a complaint with the government. I was told off the record they would like shut this company down but because its based in the US they cannot

This company is cleary not ethical, responsive nor should it be allowed to operate. In fact I would again suggest to the Disney Corp they shut it down before they find it has done so much damage to their brand no one will buy or go to their movies any more

Toronto, Canada January 30 2012

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Good Day JPToronto,

I am so sorry you had a bad experience. Please let me help. Email me at with your phone number and a good time to call or call me directly at 800-459-7002. I sincerely regret the bad feelings you have but please give us a chance to help because I know we can resolve your concerns!


Member Advocate

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