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Ok so I joined the Disney Movie Club by responding to an offer 4 movies for the price of 14.95 and it had said in the terms that i had to buy five movies before i could close my account and i agreed but the part they didnt say is that i wouldnt get to pick the five movies which i think is bull *** if im going to pay for movies i should at least choose the movies i want to pay for. I mean the movies they are sending me arent bad movies i love disney but for example The newest Pirates of the carribean is being sent to me i really dont want that movie because to be honest i thought that one was ***

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Monetary Loss: $25.

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Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada #974250

I've been a member for over a year now and I fail to see the problem??

I've fulfilled my 5 movie agreement and yes they do send me a card every month asking if I want the feature title. If I say no I do not get charged and the movie is not sent to me.

Now that I am a vip I get free stuff from them and better deals. As of yet I have not had an issue.

I'm willing to bet that most of you people on here(especially the ones that can't spell)that feel they have been ripped off either didn't read the agreements and just signed away or are not sending there cards as a no to the feature title.


to thatguywithanopinion Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United States #1263374

How d■mn rude of you to say something like that. This person posted this back in 2011 and your rudeness was posted 2015 so maybe things aren't exactly the same, ever think of that jack×××?

If you want to think that disney is the most fantastic thing, go ahead, yo. BUT you shouldn't go throwing off on others just bc they have a different experience than yours

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #896697

You can pick the movies you get. You get the ones for like a dollar each.

Then, after that, you must buy 5 movies at their original price. You can go onto their site. You buy a movie, when you add it to your cart, it will say that it counts towards your membership.

I have a platinum member and still, movies I get say they count towards it. I do not know if I move up from there.

Dallas, Texas, United States #896614

I have been a member for a while now as well. I think the part that is confusing to new members is that they think their obligation is filled when they purchase any movies for DMC, however in the membership papers is clearly states if the movie you buy is on sale it is not counted toward your obligation.

You have to buy the obligated amount of movies at the full price. I am assuming that is where people are the most confused. We absolutely love DMC and I love sharing my favorites as a child with my child and seeing the joy on his face as he watches Dumbo fly for the first time etc.

Also I love that they offer movies with the digital copies so I can load them up on my iPad, computer and phone for long shopping excursions or long road trips. LOVE LOVE LOVE DMC :)))

Dallas, Texas, United States #789077

Their full of *** and will rip you a new *** if you let them.

We signed up under the same impression that we would get x number of movies at a highly discounted price. Under the terms, we would need to purchase x more movies..I was aware of that part.

After purchasing the agreed amount of movies to supposedly end the agreement, I get a letter in the mail, stating that I owed them money for yet another movie but problem...I didn't order another movie.

Don't be loured in by this scam. I had change my credit card number because they would charge it automatically, despite having told them to remove it. They continued to send letters that say I owe them money. I've attempted to call and straighten this out but each time they tell me that I am still under contract and still have to select a movie.

Wrong, I hold the original contract in my hand to this day and I have met the terms of it.

I'm gonna try and do something about it before they go to the credit agencies and say that I owe them money. I don't owe these criminals a *** thing.

Don't do it!! :(


You can pick the movies. They give you a list of so many.

You can not pick any on their site. But, I got to pick the five I wanted.


You not being able to understand the terms of the contract doesn't make it a scam, it makes you someone who can't understand the terms of the contract.

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #629987

You can pick your movies. You can also decline them ones they offer yu by either mail or email.

My problem is this, when I order something through email, it's fine. But ordering by mail is another ing. I ordered 4 big movie collections that are almost 100 dollars. I ordered in November 2012.

It is freaking March 2013 and I have not gotten my movies. They took the money out. Two or three times we have called them and they say they are sending them out. They just are not very good about getting orders through e mail.

I have the same problem with mystic stamps. The EXACT same thing. Orders over the net are fine, but by mail it is a disaster.

It is not a scan.

You just buy the nu,bee of movies in e two year period. Then you get emails sometimes with deals. I just got hunchback of Norte dame 1 and 2 and brother bear 1 and 2 for less an 40 dollars. Much lower than even Amazon was charging.

If you sign a contract, you have to pay attention. Just check your mail and email. You can pick from a lot of movies in sir site. But if you order through the mail.

You may have a touch time getting your order. :)

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #593363

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hahah DMC Sucks ***.. why..

Hmm i did a offer that i'll get somewhat credits for a MMo i play online and i thought it was just gonna be cheap Movies but it was for Blueray..TBH.. my advice... is.. Change ur bank account..

Close ur bank account..once they see that ur not paying for the movies.. they will cancel ur account.. and stop mailing you .. Worked for me...

but i did also called and did couple of complaints.. so that should be cleared... up its been like 1-2 years.. have not herd a work from them..

Nor do i want to.. cus i just don't like disney.

to Maxumis Alvarez Broomfield, Colorado, United States #636596

If your going to complain maybe you should atleast learn how to spell, just saying. :grin


No matter how you spin it. Any policy allowing the sending items without consent but charging money is an act of scam.

to Kenny Oak Harbor, Washington, United States #590282

Yeah, except it's not a scam because it's clearly stated in their agreement. If you don't opt out of that month's featured movie by mailing the card back or doing it online, they will assume you want that movie.

Is it their fault you didn't say no in the clearly stated timeframe? No, it's not.

to Kenny Hillsboro, Missouri, United States #591915

I totally agree with kenny they charged me for a featured movie of the month witch i declined and when they took the money off my debit card there wasn't enough money in the account to cover the movie and now i have to pay for my account being overdrawn because of these ********.


It's not bad, but everytime I go online the website says its down. It's starting to get annoying. Otherwise its great being a member.


I am a member of DMC and love it! I have not had a single issue as yet.

I had the opportunity to review all of the terms and conditions before signing up. If you fail to research a club thoroughly, it's not a wonder when little "surprises" pop-up. However, all of the rules, conditions, etc. are outlined for you.

You need to click the links and read them thoroughly. Shame shame on all of you who failed to do so and would push the blame onto someone else.


I am not sure what problems you are having with them. I have been a member for a long time now with no problems.

It says on the card please respond by a certain date to refuse this title. It's not rocket science if you can read. If you forget, just right refused on the package and stick it back in the mailbox.

They always refund me promptly, you can also cancel that featured title online.

I have never had a problem and will continue to be a member. Never know when a good deal may come around.

Jouy-En-Josas, Ile-De-France, France #415221

Can't believe these folks don't understand what a "club" means. I have been a DMC member for several years and am very happy not only with their website, but also their customer service.

The are constantly sending free stickers in the posted package and give us free pins with full price purchases! A couple of times I declined the featured title via their website and was still sent the dvd. I simply "returned to sender" without opening it and was credited that amount right away.

Remember- they also send out the additional paper package as a reminder to select the title! Seems easy enough to me.


That is correct, as long as you are a member of the Disney Movie Club, you must still respond to the Featured Title decisions per your Membership Agreement. If you have fulfilled your commitment you may cancel your membership via phone call or in writing. At this time there is no option to cancel on the website. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com. Thank you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


The account CAN NOT be cancelled on the website beside instructions on how to do so online. Also, discs are sent to you even after meeting the commitment if you do not decline.

I called to cancel an order in process, to get credit back, to complain to management, and to cancel the account. I have also notified the BBB.

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