I joined the Disney movie club thinking it would be like any other membership club, like Columbia movie club or BMG movie service, of which I am still members of. This is definitely not the same!

I had my identity stolen and didn't feel comfortable with them having my account information and when I explained this to them they didn't even really care. They said I still had to keep up with the agreement....? What membership agreement? You market to people who enjoy the luxuries of BMG movie club, etc yet your policies are completely different.

This "agreement" needs to be brought to the forefront when getting a membership.

I am now constantly overwhelmed with overpriced Disney DVDs and sending them back while trying to make payments on my medical bills. Thank you, Disney for adding to my stress level and being yet another setback on my way to achieving the "American Dream".

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maybe you should manage your money a little better and not join *** movie clubs when you have medical bills to pay.. just a thought.


I haven't even joined the Disney Movie Club yet, but just in reading about it I am aware there is an agreement. You have to purchase a total of 10 movies, you can't just get 5 movies for $5 and then cancel.

When you sign up you are agreeing to buy 10 movies, if you cancel before that you'll have to pay them off the difference of what you owe or pay them the $28.50 each for all the movies you have received so far. Ta-da

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