Although the offer of free DVDs to join the Disney Movie Club might sound tempting, please learn from my experience - it is NOT a good deal! You will pay top dollar for any DVDs to complete your agreement (the discounted DVDs don't count), not to mention having to pay to return a lot of junk you never ordered.

I joined and selected my free DVDs, with the promise to purchase four more titles in the next two years.

I'm retired and travel a lot. When I returned home recently from a trip to the Catskills region, I found 2 mailings from the Disney Movie Club that I had not ordered, and my credit card had been debited for the full price of these unrequested titles (plus shipping and handling, of course). I called Disney Movie Club's 800 number and their response was that I had agreed to this arrangement when I joined (oh, and would I like to buy this month's selection - NO!) It cost me a trip to the post office and over $10 to return these titles I never requested. Note: Some of the membership details are in very fine print (buried deep into their newsletter) and didn't come until after I had joined ("Details later"). The DVDs are mailed in plain envelopes from a box number, so you're not always sure they're from Disney. The return address does not say DISNEY MOVIE CLUB!

I called my bank to see what could be done, and an officer told me that what they were doing was illegal. They suggested I come in and fill out a form to prevent them from automatically debiting my account in the future for any of this junk they were sending. I also had to cancel my card and get a new one. A real pain in the...well, you know.

One of the DVDs they sent me was a title I had already received when I first joined. Also, one of the titles I had requested was their newest release (CARS). I had been ordering WIDESCREEN versions of all the other titles. They sent me a FULL screen version. When I complained about this by email, I received no response from them whatsoever.

The way it works is, they bombard your email account with offers (so many I was just deleting them), and/or they send you mailings with special offers. If you don't respond by mail or phone within a few days, these titles are automatically sent to you and your card is charged - whether you want them or not. So, if you happen to be out of town or on vacation, and you get a mailing from them and don't return home before the deadline, you may find a little surprise package or two from Disney when you return. Don't open them! Refuse them!

You may recall the Columbia Record Club operated this way a few years ago - their business did a nosedive before they merged with BMG. Buy your DVDs cheaper across the counter and save yourself a lot of money and aggravation.

Consider yourself warned! My nephew tried to warn me about this club when I shared the offer with him. I wish I had listened. The Disney Movie Club has given Uncle Walt a black eye. He must be spinning in his grave at the way The Disney Company is ruining his name with greed. It's getting so you almost have to take out a second mortgage on your home to buy a 3-day pass for the theme parks now. I have canceled any future plans to travel to Disney World in Florida, or Disneyland in California as a result of this experience. Remember! READ THE FINE PRINT!

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Disney Movie Club is the worst fraud ever - they have charged me for movies I never ordered/received and double/triple charged me for movies I did receive! Denying the featured selection online does no good, they send the movie anyway and charge you for it! Stay well away from them!!

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