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Received in the mail from Disney "Welcome Back" "Thank you in advance for coming back to the Disney Movie Club." I never sent anything either by mail or phone that I wanted to come back. I read all the complaints and had my share 5 years ago as I was finally able to quit.

Phone numbers are so hard to reach somebody but I finally found the right one where you can talk to a PERSON. I asked what this mailer was all about and that I did not want to be a member again. She said it was like an invitation to join again. I told her this was very deceiving and the wording makes you think you've joined again.

She said no only if you sign the form to join again. I told her Disney Movie Club is full of deceiving wording and this puts Disney Company in consumer fraud advertisement. Here is the important phone number 1-920-521-4015.

I talked to a person right away.

Please pass this along. It will take the headache out of trying to reach them.

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This sounds like it was a mailing we send with a good offer to join the club.

If I can ever be of assistance, please contact me directly at 800-459-7002 or

Thank you,


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


When it says "welcome back THANKS IN ADVANCE" anyone who can read the English language would KNOW that it wasn't deceiving at all. It plainly means they want you back.

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