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To whom this may concern,

last month I ordered one and only one

DVD "The Fox and The Hound 2

which I requested in VHS form since I don't

own a DVD player. Along with that, I recieved seven more DVD's I can't even recall ordering I was told I wouldn't be billed. Yet on my recent bank statement it shows $692.88 was taken out of my account, which is more then I would owe if I did order any of these.

I don't know where your company got my name and address in the first place.

It is possible one of my kids pressed something on the computer.without my knowledge. I'm aware the 30 day limit is up but I only have a box no return slip or invoice so unless I can use a regular box I can't return these movies none of them have been opened or used just sitting in the corner gathering dust. my 9 and 11 yr old children shouldn't be blamed for someone else's mistake in your company. What kind of business are you trying to run it seems as though a number of people have had money sucked out of their pockets without even knowing until the bank result comes in.

I demand $692.88 to be refunded to my account or credited by the time my next Bank draft comes in by December 1st. I am willing to pay what I owe for the single DVD/VHS The Fox and the Hound 2 but whatever DVD's were recieved later on,I refuse to pay for.

If this isn't done,

I will be forced to sue you're company for the amount you owe me Along with this refund or credit I would appreciate you taking me off you're mailing list so as neither one of us has this problem in the future!

Ms. Lisa Feffer

Monetary Loss: $692.

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they be chargin you for movies of the month or somethin i just got ahold of a sales rep and it took forever


If you are having concerns with your Disney Movie Club account, please contact me for assistance so I may help you resolve this. My direct phone number is 800-459-7002.

Thank you,

Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


this company is BS fources to by 5 at reg. price


It doesn't matter if you send back the card in the packet or not. I sent it back and still got movies and charges.

I am seeing charges on my credit card for $25.95 every two weeks. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Want to talk with someone "live", 920-521-4015, took me awhile a number...have your Disney Club # ready and then talk about your account. The way they get you on these charges is simple, each month they send a packet of information which includes alot of information, look for a 5x9 card and return it and you want be charged for movies, return movies and they put money back to your account :?


I joined the Disney Club and now have been ripped off by them for $42.21 for movies I have not ordered, anyone know how to get ahold of them directly? :(


I have been reading the entire site for over a month now and I still should not find the cancel button/link.

I called the numbers and the prompt tells me that my membership cannot be found.

Please help me,,, thank you


They're scammers for sure at the Disney Movie Club. Instead of charging me the $1.99 per movie X 4, they charged me $40+. We can't let them get away with this.

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