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This company is horrible, total scam artists. I was sent 3 movies without my consent and was charged almost $80 dollars for them.

I sent them back and wrote cancel my membership on the return card and that was a while back and have yet to receive a refund. I've had to contact my credit card company to help resolve the issue. If you guys are reading this PLEASE CANCEL MEMBERSHIP FOR JESUS GARCIA- PERRIS, CA, if nothing is resolved my next step is to contact the better business bureau to help settle this mess.

To anyone readings this the Disney Movie Club is a bunch of thieves and scam artists. BEWARE!

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Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States #824508

I sent the card back same day I got the card saying no to the movie. My account was charged before movie was sent.

I'm on the phone now getting a refund on my card and was told to return box unopened. I have to try and cancel online next and card.

I had no problem getting intro and I payed for the extra movie it was like $10-15. So I did get 4 or 5 for a $1 each + my 15 movie that was correct.


I Picked 4 movies that were suppose to be a $1 and I was charged over $25?????? I want my money back and I am cancelling my order with my credit card company and leaving you a BAD REVIEW. HOW DARE YOU


I have had the same problem w/The Disney Movie Club! I always decline the offers online or thru the mail yet they send the featured movie anyway and charge my account BEFORE I receive the move which I immediately return thru the post office unopened.

I'm still waiting for a refund from December, 2011!

I informed them at that time to removed my account information from their records & their still charging my account causing overdrafts. CALL YOUR BANK AND FILE A DISPUTE AGAINST THE CHARGE!


@jgarcia0329 how much you want to bet @sessa had to look up a "peruse" as a synonym for "read through" in the dictionary just to sound intellectual. haha.

enough said. @sessa you go ahead and reply to this as I won't read your response I actually got things to do.

Poor thing probably spends her whole day giving (her/his or both) opinions online where they are not needed. This is probably the most action he/she gets all day.


@dtwtis you're hysterical. I read quite well, thanks so much for your concern!

Can YOU read? I suggest you peruse your membership agreement or the helpful info provided by the Disney rep. It is YOUR responsibility to decline the featured titles so that you don't "kinda" get movies you don't want.

As for the overpricing, I'm so sorry that someone held a gun to your head and forced you to join! You should really file a report.


Good day Jesus,

I am Priscilla, the Member Advocate for the Disney Movie Club and I have taken care of your account pursuant to your request.

For further clarification of how the Disney Movie Club works I can explain the Featured Title program for everyone.

The Featured Title program is part of your membership agreement with the Disney Movie Club. Here is how it works: About every 3-4 weeks, up to 15 times a year, we send a Featured Title notification to every member. It is every member’s responsibility to respond to the Featured Title by the date indicated on the notification. You are not obligated to purchase the Featured Title selection. You are welcome to order other selections in its place or nothing at all. However, if a response is not received by the due date, either declining or accepting the Featured Title, it will automatically be shipped and billed to you. If you have a credit card on file to be used as payment, it will be charged on the date of shipment.

Simple ways to respond at your convenience are:

-Call our 24-hour automated phone system at 800-382-4527.

-Visit our web site at

-Return your Feature Title card by the due date indicated.

If anyone has any questions about the Disney Movie Club, I would be happy to answer them. Please contact me directly at or by phone at 800-459-7002.

Thank you,

Priscilla, Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


oh and another thing @sessa they kinda do send you movies with out your consent. you see it's best to do your research before commenting on an issue.

The way the movie club goes is you must purchase 5 movies from them in a certain time frame. These movies must be within a certain dollar value. Usually around $30 shipping and handling included. So sometimes when you receive these movies in the mail they don't even go towards the 5 you must purchase in order to fulfill your agreement.

So you basically end up with overpriced movies and the sad thing is you have to buy more of them.

So this company is ripping people off, and the worst part is that when you return these movies to get a refund they don't even do it. @sessa it's best to get some knowledge before commenting on a subject, I suggest earning a degree, even an associates will do.


I totally understand what your saying, I've had trouble with this company as well, with overcharging me for movies. I've had trouble with them refunding me for the movies I've returned as well.

It was a battle for me to get them to cancel my membership after numerous tries of calling and what not but luckily I got the problem resolved. I totally agree with you.

This company is a total ripoff. don't listen to @sessa she obviously doesn't know how to read.


You sound like yet another person unwilling to take responsibility for anything. I find it unlikely that they sent you movies without your consent.

What most likely happened is YOU failed to return the cards they send with the feautured movie therfore they sent you the selection! READ THE AGREEMENT ***.

Finally, if you were aware of the membership details you would know that in order to cancel your membership you have to CALL THEM. Never fails to amuse me how not understanding what one is signing up for makes a company a "scam".

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