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I have had my share of problems with the company who has now taken me to collections, I called up to pay for three movies in full plus rush shipping since I was moving, I paid about $20.00 or so for the extra shipping for 3 movies, but I only received 1 movie for only $7.00 worth, then I called and complained, they said they did not know I wanted the movies all at once! I said why would I pay $20.00 for shipping on a $7.00 movie?

So I told them to not send the others unless the shipping was free, they said they had already shipped to my new address and that I was going to be billed for the shipping because I did not call in time to talk about the situation. So now I refuse to pay their $10.00 for the shipping of their mistake, and they have taken me to collections. I have sent many letters back trying to contact managers and so forth but I get no response. So until they *** the $10.00 I do not owe then I will not pay for the rest of my bill that they were supposed to take on the first call.

On that first call they said they would charge me for all three movies, they did not, they only charged for the one.

Now I owe money for the other two movies. They will only get it when they take the shipping off for it!

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