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A while ago Disney mailed me an ad; 5 movies $2 each. I made an order right away I didn't know there was membership hidden fees.

Anyway I wanted to cancel my membership with them so I tried getting a hold of them. I called the toll free # at some point you have to enter American postal code and I love in Canada. I tried calling the other number "Canadian Customer Service" but it would never RING. finally I googled it and found a non toll free long distance # (off course), when I talked to them they transfered me over 5 times (They didn't care I paid for the service).

they told me if I want to cancel my membership I have either to return the movies or pay $122. Few days later before I sent them back the movies I received another package from them with 2 movies! i called them and they said well we sent you a promotion since you didn't get back to us we sent you movies! (I don't have time to check all their *** promos).

Last week I sent them a package with all the movies they sent me and I received a mail from them today saying you have 2 options either you pay $122 or send the package back the due date is in one week and they said call us back at 1 8004300151 that # IS NOT IN SERVICE! Also they said we can help you at THAT WEBSITE IS NOT VALID!

They should have more attention to technical issues and stop treating clients this way they will *** everyone off!

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I have fulfilled my contract, and now i want to stop the membership, and stop them from charging my Credit card....but letters to them do not seem to work....I have tried phoneing,and sent next step is to cancel my credit card at the bank to get them to stop!!

My account #is 4968903 in case somone from disney movie club actually reads these things! Cancell the bloody membership...PLEASE!!!!!



Sounds like it was a Featured Title but without more information I cannot be sure. Please contact me directly for assistance at Thank you,


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Disney Movie Club


So u think u can send out movies that were not ordered and then charge 33 dollars a piece on my credit card unauthorised! U are in criminal charges here now! I will get to the bottom of this.


I slso have ordered movies from DMC and everything seemed to be oK until I recenly got charged for a movie that I never received. When you sign up and give a credit card for payment they can just charge you forever.....unless you call your credit card company and tell them you lost your card.



It appears someone has created an account in your name. Please call me so I may assist you with this. My direct line is 800-459-7002.

Thank you,

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I received an unsolicited package of 5 movies from Disney Movie Club. I would never watch these, I am too busy to re-package and mail this stuff back.

The web site is not in service.

This is a scam. Where did they get my address?

Hunter, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #223551

Thanks for your quick response I will give you a call tomorrow morning.


Please contact me directly so I may assist you. My direct phone line is 800-459-7002. I look forward to helping fix this for you and I regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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