NCO fINANCIAL services- Disney movie club has a bad acccountant,they are accusing me of not making a payment, we'll l got news for them,because l did make an early payment of twelve dollars on December 27,2010. And yes l have a receipt of payment.

I think that was ignorant and uncalled for and l demand a apology from the manager of Disney movie club, because l always make payments at the end of each month , also, l'm diabetic, meaning that most of my small pension goes to diabetic supplies, vitamins etc. Iappreciate no further harrasment from them, and l will make a another payment this week.

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my husband, brother and i bought movies Weeks ago and have yet to receive one& we have our receipts. the statement said 5-7 business days.what's really going on?!


I regret you are experiencing difficulties with the Disney Movie Club. Please contact me directly at memberadvocate@moviecubinfo.com or 800-459-7002 so I may assist you.

Thank you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

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