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Here is a copy of my BBB complaint. Consumer beware before you buy from Disney Movie Club.

Complainant Information Mr. John XXXXXXX

XXXX S Buckley Road #XXX Aurora, CO 80013 USA


Company Information: Walt Disney Movie Club500 South Buena Vista StreetBurbank, CA 91521Website: Phone: (800) 362-4587

Complaint Text I called Disney to complain about this practice and was told that they cannot stop charging my card for these automated feature movies that their automated system keeps sending to customers. I was told that the only way to stop these was for me to hurry up and buy the agreed upon number of movies (to fulfill my obligation in the club) and then they would remove me from the list and remove my credit card information.

I told them that I had a full year according to contract for me to select and buy two more movies at full price, which I intend to do, but that I did not want them to keep sending me movies and charging my credit card for selections that I do not want or am interested in. They apologized and said that there was noting that they can do until I buy the remaining two titles.

I did not authorize Disney to charge my credit card arbitrarily for stuff I did not buy. A day after I dad this phone discussion and received no assistance, they sent me another movie feature under the same pretense. I informed them that I would file a complaint with BBB and other Websites to let consumers know of this gimmick. The supervisor "Anthony" did not care or make any effort to remedy the issue when given the opportunity.

Resolution Sought: Stop sending movies that I did not purchase AND immediately stop charging my American Express for these unwanted titles.Date Problem Started: 3/26/2010Date of Transaction: 3/16/2010Amount in Dispute: $25.90Invoice Number: 53791998-00001Complaint Type: Selling PracticesProduct or Service: Disney Movies DVDs

Monetary Loss: $25.

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How in the heck can I get in touch with you if I dont even have an account with you guys and the system won't let log in with out an account and the weirdest part is than im being charged in my bank statement shows your number and Information. Want my money back asap before I take further action. Thats a fraud.


I am the Member Advocate for the Disney Movie Club and I can help you with your questions about how the Club or the Featured Title program works. Please give us a call at 800-362-4587 and we would be happy to help you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


745964, products never received, no change of address, unauthorized debits resulting in personal debt with bank, fraud claim open, expect refund a.s.a.p by fedex due to monetary loss, club blocked from my bank acct. or card

to Anonymous #1075009

Please give my team a call at 800-362-4587 and we would be happy to help you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


same issues here with company, but worse never,ever, join this club membership

to Anonymous #1075016

I certainly do not want you to feel this way. Please give us a call at 800-362-4587 and we would be happy to help you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


i have filled out there paper work sent back the movies they sending....I have turned this over to the attorney general....they have kept charging my card. at this point I will talk to attorney about a class action lawsuit.


If you have any questions about how the Disney Movie Club or the Featured Title program works, please give us a call at 800-362-4587 and we would be happy to help you!


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club


Oh my sounds like some are just plain lazy...they do nit take time to decline the featured title, but want to while when it comes. How would DMC know you do not want it???

And on the times I have forgotten to respond before the deadline and something ships I do not want I have always been credited promptly.

Also when a shipment was lost and I didn't get it they fixed it fast and sent me a new selection no extra charge.

I have been with DMC almost 20 years with no problems. They are wonderful

People take responsibility and quit whining

Mountain View, California, United States #995510

I by from thr DMC and they have never done this to me. They have always given me plenty of time to cancel a monthly selection if I do not wish to order.

This is many many weeks before I would ever get charged.

All you need to do is to make sure you decline the monthly selection before the deadline. If u do not do so before the deadline stated this yes you are charged.


You are able to decline the offer, you have to actually read the mail and emails they send you. If you do not respond then they automatically send and charge you.

Oak Park, Illinois, United States #849309

Interesting! I just got a credit card fraud alert from my credit card company about a charge placed to Disney Movie Company.

They declined the transaction and after doing a quick check to make sure that the other person who has my account info didn't do it, I shut down the credit card.

Since so many other people are saying that they didn't order anything but were signed up, I wonder if somebody there is running a private scam. Sometimes credit card number thieves run little transactions just to test to see if the card is legit, but this almost looks like a pattern.


Same thing happened to us..Had to change our credit card number in order to stop this nonsense! They just help them selves to our account any time they feel like it without any warnings

Tucker, Georgia, United States #786046

The Disney Movie Club has made it difficult but not impossible to quit. In order to cancel your membership, you MUST speak to a human "cast member".

Don't use the customer service number on the website.

Use this one: 920-521-4015. And have your membership number ready.


We started receiving Disney movies without ever having gone to the site or ordered anything. We have no small children and would remember doing such a thing. The package came virtually unmarked ("DMC", with a Wisconsin post office box). A statement was inside saying "this is not a bill". In very fine print it indicated that if I didn't want to participate that I should right a letter and send it with the movies. I tried to call the 800 number but could never reach a human, so I pitched it. Two weeks later another package arrives and they have charged my debit card twice! I don't know how they got my credit card number, but I had to close that card with my bank. I contacted the Kentucky Attorney General's office to get forms, as well as the Wisconsin Attorney General office, and finally found a place to send in a complaint to public relations at Disney. I did not believe that this was really a Disney subsidiary, but it is! The next day I received an email with the REAL telephone number to speak to a person and get this stopped.

Here is the number: (888) 257-9100.

I asked how they got my debit number and they said that I had signed up at their website, which I did not knowingly do. The only thing I can think of is that in the process of doing a transaction on my iPhone with another company, I may have inadvertently tapped on an adjacent Disney ad and had my information siphoned off of the page. Creepy. They said they would refund my account but have not done so as yet.

Beware! How Disney has fallen!


Cancel your debit card/credit card, get a new card and file a fraud complaint through your bank. Done.


Hmmmm I think its very odd.that the website says it is "down" only AFTER you log in. DMC has my credit card info but yet I can not get into my account??

How is that? The, site has been down aftet I log in for months!


Walt Disney should shutdown this division before it totally tarnishes their Brand totally?.

I am telling everyone I know in Canada and the US about the firms lack of ethics, customer service and club which makes Bernie Madoff look straight

From the day I joined this "Club" I have had nothing but problems with items being sent after being declined but charged to my credit card;. Items being billed and never sent:. having to call over and over and its next to impossible to actually speak to anyone when you call the toll free number:. The entire process is designed to frustrate you so you just give up:. If only I had known about this site BEFORE I joined I could have saved myself dozens of hours of time plus higher blood pressure everything I see an email from them

I have complained over and over again.. I have bought movies many of which are over the "minimum" number to be counted towards the 4 you must buy when you join up:. Yet no matter how many you buy and no matter how much you pay none ever seem to qualify to reduce that 4!.

I have compalined to the "member advocate" and they largely ignore the emails you send. They will respond to some but the moment you start questioning why nothing you buy ever goes towards that 4 they never reply.

I had my credit card removed from their site and now they keep emailing me telling me I have to update my profile and give them my credit card. I think not, they constantly charge things to my credit card without me ordering them and I suspect since my 2 years is coming up they simply want to charge hundreds of dollars to my credit card to force me to buy more.

I spoke to my Bank and they said they have had dozens and dozens of complaints against this vendor for the same reason and they blocked my card. They also told me to call the government of Ontario

I spoke to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services this morning about this company. I was told they have received lots of complaints about this organization and was encouraged to fill out a complaint with the government. I was told off the record they would like shut this company down but because its based in the US they cannot

This company is cleary not ethical, responsive nor should it be allowed to operate. In fact I would again suggest to the Disney Corp they shut it down before they find it has done so much damage to their brand no one will buy or go to their movies any more

Toronto, Canada January 30 2012



If you have a question or a concern about your Disney Movie Club account, please reach out to Priscilla, the Member Advocate for the club. She can help you with anything you need.

Please either email me at memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com or by phone at 800-459-7002. We are here to help, thank you!


On Jan 3rd I emailed Disney Movie Club advocate for sending unwanted movies and attempting to charge me for them. The next day I received a call from Christie of the advocate department.

She said that they would cancel my membership (which I never signed up for) & remove me from their mailing list. This week I received billing that they were unable to "obtain proper authorization... for the credit card provided to them." I never gave them a card number because I never signed up with them. I'm sure they obtained my mailing address by buying it from another company.

All of the phone numbers on the invoices DO NOT let you speak to a representative. Instead, they want you to place orders & give you other numbers to call. Those numbers are for ordering movies, also. The office I've been dealing with is located in Neenah, Wisconsin and only gives a P.O.

Box. There is no listing for them in the telephone directory.

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