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I was charged $77.14 for movies I didn't order. And since there is no way to contact them to tell them off, I just called my bank and told them to cancel my card.

My card was already pretty low, now it's in the negatives because of these people. And it's not the first time they did this either. They did it once before but I wasn't sure at the time, now I'm positive. Don't use these people, they are scammers, they will take your money without your knowledge or consent.

I recommend that if you have ordered from them once before to cancel all transactions with them now before they do the same to you.

When I found this website I had no idea it was such a common thing. Now I know.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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I am haveing a similar issue I have declined the monthly promo but was charged on my account for a movie, last month and I just received an e-mail for a charge again for another movie. Yet again I declined the promo movie.

New York, New York, United States #1280293

DMCMemberAdvocate you should change your policy i do not want to loose my privileges, i try to make sure to declyne every month but i do not have the time , to be checking every month you send me movies i return to sender now you are telling me i own 39.00 from dec 2016 when i already return movies, never had any problem before. you should not auto send movie to faithfull customer. i did my part i do not need to be checking every month to declide

to Joe #1433214

I can help you with this order Joe, please email with details directly and I will look into your account and see what I can do to help.




I'm gonna have to call as soon as they open I got two movies sent to me so far and I hope my boyfriend don't see it in his acct. I'm so pissed I was wondering y I was Getty free movies I never ordered what so ever n I already owned them


I've fulfilled my commitment and decline the featured title every month but that doesn't stop them from randomly sending me titles I did not agree to receiving and charging me. It's happened 3 times. They are definitely shady characters.

to Anonymous #999071

You should not receive a Featured Title if you declined it. Please give my team a call directly at 800-459-7002 so we can see what is occurring with your account and resolve this for you.


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

Lafayette, Indiana, United States #689482

Are you people serious!?

It is plainly stated in the terms that you AGREED to, that if you will sent Featured Movie information, and that if you don't decline the movie, it will be sent to you, and your card charged.

You could have avoided this if you had paid attention to what you voluntarily signed up for, and gave your credit card information to.


I am so sorry this was your experience with the Disney Movie Club! This is not the experience we wish you to have with us. Please feel free to contact us directly for further assistance with your account. We can be reached at 800-459-7002 or by email at memberadvocate@movieclubinfo.com My team will be able to help you resolve any of your concerns.


Member Advocate

Disney Movie Club

Highland, California, United States #593796

How do i even cancel with them asap

to ac #600254

i have disney movie club and have the same problem you can reply every month online. The usual deal is buy 5 movies for 1.99 and you have to buy 4 movies in the next 4 years.

they notify you every month and you have to reply. you can reply online by mail. they send me packets every month and you have to create an account. you have to buy 4 movies before you can cancel otherwise your stuck.

my problem is even though i replied online last month i still go stuck with 40$ in movies that i refused my mail and waiting for a refund. there should be 1800 number on your bank statement that you can call and they will refund the money as long you send the movies back. how do you think you can not contact them?

As soon as i get the money im buying my 4 movies and cancelling they have overdrawn me too because they always do this right before payday. i have also cancelled my credit card.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #592046

OKAY. I am a DMC customer.

I hate the prices and am annoyed I signed up, but I read my terms and conditions when I signed up. You are an *** if you think that them automatically charging your account for the featured titles, which clearly state on all communication they will unless you reply, is something villainous.

Seriously, where do you people come from? READING isn't just something you did in school.

to Red #1426746

I was sent titles that I have actually declined. I know.

They send you an email right after you decline, telling you that you won't receive the title.

I know I am not crazy or stupid. I didn't think they actually did this either until it happened to me.

Amityville, New York, United States #591208

i was charged 40 dollars for two movies that I would not have purchased! Turns out the 40 dollar charge to my card ended up bringing me negative !! I ended up having to pay my bank $80.00 this is UNBELIEVEABLE I have to call tomarrow

I absolutely understand. I am considering doing the same thing and cancelling.

I was charged about the same amount, $75-$80 for two movies, one which I already owned and the other I would never purchase for my child. I do believe that they have a phone number if you read your membership terms when you login to the website. If you get emails, then check in the fine print. They're sneaky that way.

You could even write them a letter if you get emails; they have their mailing address in the emails they send to you.
I also found that they charged me a funny price, $36.40 for the one and $36.20 for the other.

They say on their website that the movies are $36.95, for both, at regular price! These scammers make me sick :x
to key #591781
ok. I have to mention this. I have looked through my terms of membership and the Membership Agreement when logged in on the website. It states that they can charge your account if your account hasn't been active, and if you don't decline to certain Feature Titles, they will charge you for those feature titles and send you the movies you never really wanted in the first place. Also if you haven't fullfilled your commitment agreement with them within the time limit they state, they will charge your account. It also states, in my agreement anyway, that you must fullfill your commitment you agreed upon, before you can cancel your membership. If you need to cancel your memebrship they will charge you for the price of the movies you need to buy in order to fulfill your commitment.

Read your Terms of Membership and Membership Agreement, and when you can cancel, cancel your membership. They leave the agreement open to charge you in so many ways, without you realizing it.

What I believe happened to myself was with the Feature Title acceptance or decline option they give you. If you don't decline or accept, they will automatically charge your account for those features and send them to you. I had no idea, and you can't really get them for it ither because it is located in the fine print of your Terms of Membership, or Membership Agreement ( I can't remember which one...), which you agreed to and signed up for.

This situation ended up fulfilling my commitment agreement though, and so I sent them a letter cancelling my membership. :upset

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