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I tried to refer my boss to sign up for the rewards club. I am a VIP member and have ordered several movies from them. A few months ago I placed an order under my account for my office and used my boss's credit card to pay for it and had the DVDs sent to my work. Because of this, they are saying that I am trying to make a duplicate acct. Funny this is, they offered me the chance to restart my membership a few months ago and I declined. If I were... Read more

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Im getting quite IRRITATED!! Iwas supposed to get 4 videos for $ 3!! Debit card gas been charged TWICE...for movies...NOT ORDERED!! Took 5 weeks to get one charge reversed!! Now having to deal with another!! Really BAD... CUSTOMER SERVICE!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Read more

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I have been a part of this for a year now and understood that I was contracted to purchasing 4 DVDs within 2 years. I fulfilled this requirement and became a "VIP" member. After becoming a "VIP" member, I no longer received the feature title emails/mail where I had to respond to accept or decline. I now have been charged $29 for nothing. I didn't purchase any movies. I didn't receive any notice about having to respond to a feature title offer. I... Read more

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My card keeps being charged for featured titles, I say NO, to. Read more

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Do not buy from here! They charge me all the time and send me movies I didn't want! I have negative dollars in my bank account! Read more

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I will try to be as professional as possible in this review, while promising to be as honest as possible in that regard too. I was a member of DMC for a year with no problems, I was well aware of my contractual obligations to the company and purchased well over the amount of movies needed to meet those obligations which is 5 movies. Then the year came and went, I received the offer for the 5 movies for a dollar, and went ahead and chose 2... Read more

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The whole club is a scam, they rip you off at full retail and charge shipping and handling charges. You would do yourself a disservice to join this rip off. Try any other site to get the same material for a lot less. They offer you a few titles at regular prices then require you to pay for them in the higher priced selections they make you buy to fulfill the terms of agreement. Don't do it just don't do it. Go anywhere else to get the same... Read more

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I posted a full in depth Disney Movie Club on my site about a month ago and it has gained some traction. I was skeptical about the Disney Movie Club, but it's a complete steal. Below is that review which is literally top to bottom with how it all works with price comparisons. Now that I have completed my commitment I have just released a new write up on what it's like... Read more

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Like someone else on this site, I randomly received a mickey tote bag in the mail. Then I began getting numerous mailings trying to get me to order movies from them. I used the membership number on one of said mailings to go to the website and hopefully cancel the membership I never signed up for, but found the only way to do so is by calling 1-800-362-4587. Through the website, I also discovered that there was a random visa card that does not... Read more

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Definitely not worth the time and money. We would order a new release and not get it until a month after it's been out on the shelves. Customer service is horrible we were doing this for fun and it was miserable. I would never buy from them again and we fulfilled our contract and extended Way Beyond it and that was a mistake. Read more

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