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  • 19 hours ago
  • Online Shopping
  • Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Disney Movies
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I've read through a lot of these reviews and most of these issues could be easily avoided if people actually read the big long User agreement. Disney Movie Club is great if you keep up with it and decline the featured title every month. Most of the amounts people are saying they were charged have to be exaggerations. Their movies are reasonably priced and you have the option of pre-ordering new... Read more

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Disney movie club has been removing money from my credit card without authorization three different transactions within days of each other.I have not received any emails or gotten anything in the mail stating that they were charging my card also have not ordered any movies for them to charge me for Add comment

They are complete ***! Scam!!! Taking money out of my account without my permission! Over priced! Sending me random movies i didnt ask for. I want off this ***. Do not sign up. Now saying i owe $150 for them sending me a movie i didnt ask for. Add comment

I want my money back that you stole. I never consented to your stealing my cash off my debt. I dont even have a dvd player. Im below poverty level and you sorry people steal my money and i want it back Add comment

Their movies are overpriced and it is costing me a lot of money. I called customer service, no answer. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Add comment

I ordered movies on june 9 and its now june 27 and it says its still prossing my order. Y is it taking so long i already paid for my movies! Add comment

  • Jun 24
  • Entertainment
  • 101 Dalmatians Movie
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Cashed my cheques, but claim I must have bank call to confirm this...Do Not join the Disney Movie club!
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I had ordered the Dalmatians movie, paid 1st over the phone through Visa debit which I was told went through, then received a notice to pay in the mail a week later so then I paid by cheque on April 9th and was cashed on April 27th and as well I pre ordered the Tinker bell & the never beast, paid by cheque on April 10th & they cashed on May 5th! I called to complain as I never even... Read more

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  • Jun 24
  • Entertainment
  • Danvers, Massachusetts
  • Membership
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Someone signed me up for this club. I am getting movies that I don't want and now they want me to send them back. They don't have a credit card, they are just billing me. Very expensive!! I called customer service to complain and they didn't care I did not sign up. In fact the account is in my daughters name. My daughter is a teenager she wouldn't sign up for children's movies. They said... Read more

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I I keep getting things did not order I want to cancel my membership in Disney move club. Add comment

  • Jun 19
  • Entertainment
  • Movie
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Disney overcharges for shipping as it is. They have complete inept people who do the packaging, they throw 18 movies into a box 3x the size with no protection for them, they get here all beat up. I don't want them in this condition, they question your honesty for their stupidity and then cancel your membership for too many returns. This company in my opinion is a disgrace, talk to some of their... Read more

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