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4 years after cancellation of my membership due to receiving featured titles I declined and I am in collections for over 60$ for movies I never recieved and no one at Disney Movie club can tell me what movies they even are and the "collections" agency asks for the 5 digit extension they put on my letter and the automated system says the extension is no good and if you call any other number they want a payment over the phone from an automated... Read more

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All the hate stems from people having problems with contractual obligations. Do people ever read the fine print? Ive been a club member for 4 years and have NEVER had a problem. Take the time and be an actual member and manage your "Featured Titles" never have a problem. Imagine that Add comment

My wife tryed to get set up with this company for our 2 mo old daughter and the lady my wife talked to did not ask her but told her she had to get blue ray to get DVDs from this company which is a bunch of bs this use to be for kids and now it's all about money to them they don't care about customers any more lol they see is green thanks for messing that up for our little girl Add comment

You have horrible customer service and i don't remember your agreement about paying for 5 movies and now I get a letter saying if I don't buy these I will be charged 80 plus the 5 movies that I didn't purchase. I can't I don't have a job!!!! Add comment

As the title states, I think that the DMC is a really good value. When you average out the cost you pay over all the movies you get, it's hard to beat the price per movie (especially if you get Blu-Ray). Also, if you're using the online system, it's a total breeze. The only thing is, you have to really make sure you know all the rules. For instance, I knew that they were going to offer me a "Featured Title" a couple times a year, but I didn't... Read more

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These movies cost more through the club than you can buy them in walmart or any other retail store. If you have a busy life (as anyone with children do) and happen to miss responding to your featured selection, you will receive the movie and it will be billed to your attached credit card. Returning the movie and getting a credit back is just a huge hassle. You have to purchase movies that are $20 or more in order for them to be added to your... Read more

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It would be great. I was recommended this by a friend who had zero problems. But she used online, I did it by mail. I would get mailings asking me if I wanted a Featured Movie. They were always BluRay, even though when I signed up I said DVD only!! I definitely DECLINED the featured movies, but I still got sent two of them! They said We never got the letter from you, but I spent a stamp to send it (yes, you have to pay to decline the movie). Of... Read more

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Ok I am a major movie (blu-ray) unless it's not out yet and then of course go with DVD. This I know for a fact is not worth the money. Long story short I've gone to Walmart, F.Y.E. and places like Kmart, Target and on Amazon and picked off almost every Disney movie alive just by taking the extra time to drive different places and look around. I buy a lot used from FYE and reason being because tons of ppl will buy these things then realize they... Read more

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I want to cancel my account with disney movie club and they are taking all my hard earned money havet bought any movies from them in the past couple of months Add comment

They charged me $28.90 on May 5th they said it was supposed to be returned in 2-3 i said ok, I waited over a week and just got the run around and they still wont return my money so when i get this movie i didnt ask for and they charged me almost $30 for and want me to return it. Im keeping the *** movie. So *** Disney movie club. We will NEVER sign up with you again. You also have VERY horrible costumer service and need people you can actually... Read more

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