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  • Aug 28
  • Entertainment
  • Pomona Park, Florida
  • Checking Account Charges
  • 88

I have had multiple problems with this company taking money out of my checking account & arguing with me to return it after I had declined the monthly feature, WTF??? I don't understand how companies can continue to get by with this. This is America people why do we stand for this??? Disney Movie Club is a hoax & I don't care what anyone says, they do not stand by their so called... Read more

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I got charged for a movie and never received it. I want Disney Movie Club to leave me the *** alone. I don't want to be a member anymore! Add comment

I'm upset disney movies took money out my account and i contact them and told them about going into my account without me saying to do so because i have told them i didn't want nomore movie my name is artina kone my number is (302) 377-1226 Add comment

  • Aug 27
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Movies Delivery
  • 63

I bought the 4 movies for a $1 thing and still have not gotten them. I checked my history and its says I didn't. WTF!!!! Yes I only paid a dollar, but really 4 movies......for just a dollar. I ordered them a week and a half ago. Maybe 2 weeks. I chose Up, The Jungle Book, The AristoCats, and a combo pack of Pocahontas. I really wanted those movies and I still haven't got them. I am so mad that it... Read more

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Read the rules before you sign up, it states what it is and if you follow the instructions stated it is a great club. I have not had any problems so far, every month they send you a flyer, if you dont want the featured title, you have to respond. Its simple and easy! Would recommend! Add comment

  • Aug 20
  • Entertainment
  • Account Log In
  • 40

I can not login to my Disney account. I have tried for several days, and several times a day. they keep saying my password isn't right. what is wrong and they need to get it fixed. I will cancel. I am tired of all this.ppppp. ppppp. ppppp. pppppp. ppppppp. pppppppp. ppppppppp. pppppppp. pppppppp . pppppppp. pppppp. ppppppp. ppppppp. pppppp. pppppppppp. ppppppppppppp. pppppppp. ppppppppppppp.... Read more

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Considered joining to buy a few movies and specifically one very special movie. Not going to join because they dont have Aladdin, how ridiculous is that? Add comment

Charged me for a movie I didn't order and charged me an extra $130 and threatened to report me. Dafuq? Add comment

  • Aug 16
  • Entertainment
  • Closed Account
  • 177

Hello my member number is 6356564. I called yesterday August 15th to place an order and was told that my account had been closed. I just made a couple of big orders like two days before and I was told that they closed my account because I was reselling the movies which I wasn't and am not reselling. So they took it upon theirselves to cancel it when that was not even the case and not informing... Read more

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Yes i called and ask why my bill was so high and come to find out you are charging me for movies that I never ordered you said that you sent a paper out asking me if i wanted a certain movie an i never replied an because i didnt reply you sent the movie any way an charged me for it thats wrong Add comment

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